MS Tanweer Alam objective represent a pivotal element in financial advancement and progress, of nation as well as providing significant cultural advantages. They are critical to national augmentation and enhance escalation. Furthermore, a road network is critical in the battle against deprivation, since it provides exposure to development

We do not compromise towards quality work of road ways construction .We have fully all equipments of road ways construction.
Road/bridges represent advancement development and progress, as well as providing significant cultural advantages.

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 PHED #1, we are committed to providing safe, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a standard of excellence in customer service and environmental conservation. In Bihar we have reached 12000 people supply of pure water.

The basic objective of the our company is to work parallel with Govt department objective provide pure drinking water facilities and maintain them. Our vision is to provide pure drinking water free of any anamalities as improved portable water supply and sanitation facilities and services are critical to enhance public health and improve human development outcomes, more so for rural households.


RWD#1: Rulral work departmental work with parallel govt mission to onstruct and maintain the rural roads falling mainly in the category of Other District Roads (ODR) and Village Roads (VR). Our vision is to provide Farm to Market Connectivity to all eligible habitations.


This project is our under construction working with parallel with mission of Jharkhand Govt to spread potable water to end villager’s tends to maintain health free of any anamalities in water.